P2P Video commication SDK

Voice Engine

Voice Processing Technology

AEC/AECM Acoustic echo canceller
AGC automatic gain control
CNG Comfortable Noise Generation
VAD Speech Activity Detector
PLC The voice engine can reconstruct the voice model to compensate for the missing frames.
FEC Forward Error Correcting Packets: Forward Error Correcting
Supporting multiple encoding iSAC,iLBC,G711,G722,opus increased support g729,gsm constant compression rate coding, it can be used as an IP phone or call center separately.

Audio sampling rate:

Mobile Platform 16khz (Skype quality)
PC Platform 32khz-48khz (CD quality)

Video Engine

Video Processing Technology

Multi-resolution support
Automatic Adaptation of Horizontal and Vertical Screens on Mobile Platform
Adaptive rate control
Error Concealment error concealment
Color Correction Technology
Image Noise Reduction
Key Frame Quick Request
Key Frame Transmission Protection
Support for Google VP8 video coding, suitable for network video calls
(optional) add H264 soft or hard codec

Video Resolution

Support 176x144,194x144,320x240,352x288,640x480,1280x720

Video Call Performance

Mobile platform supreme support 640x480 25 fps
PC platform supreme support 720p 30fps ,
iPhone 5s/iPad air can Support720x960 HD,
Andorid four CPU( armv7 neon) Platform or above is supported 640x480 15fps-25fps

Optional function (optional)

Offline Push Call Support
Text message transmission based on SIP protocol
SCTP-based reliable data channels, whiteboard support, collaboration, desktop sharing, etc.

Operating Platform and Environment

OS Support: Andr​​oid,IOS
Necessary network environment: 3G,4G(LTE),WiFi,WiMAX,DSL
Hardware architecture support: ARMv5,ARMv7,ARMv7s

Source code and API introduction

Source Coding Language:C/C++ Compilation code
Development: scons, Xcode, Android NDK SDK, GCC,GCC-C++
API language C++ / Java