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CloudWebRTC technology

Hubei CloudWebRTC Technology Co., Ltd. is the first full-platform audio and video convergence communication technology provider of WebRTC in China. The company’s audio call SDK and video call SDK can support WebRTC and standard SIP at the same time, and communicate with PSTN traditional communication. We have successfully applied them in relevant cooperation!

The company has successfully developed a WebRTC1.0 version of integrated communication media server, which can quickly realize WebRTC communication, and can realize the protocol and media conversion between SIP-PSTN. It is perfectly interoperable with the traditional communication platform. The technical achievements are currently in the leading level in the industry. With the support of the media server, many applications can be developed quickly and efficiently, including intra-enterprise communication platform, video conference, distance education platform, online medical services, remote monitoring, financial customer service and so on.

Hubei CloudWebRTC Technology Co., Ltd. can provide technical support for developers to integrate SDK and WebRTC1.0 version of audio and video call with communication media server, and can also cooperate with each other to develop various products and applications.

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Hubei CloudWebRTC Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Room 406, 4th floor, 2nd unit, 7th building, 38 Guanggu Headquarters Space, Tangxun Hubei Road, Donghu High-tech Zone, Wuhan City, Hubei Province. If you are interested and need it, please contact us by the following ways.